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Friday, 10 August 2012

If in Doubt... Do something Different.

A couple of days and this haunted, chased feeling is still with me. the increasingly frequent tick of the clock. Waiting means three weeks... no... two weeks five days... four and a half days.

The natural impulse when feeling chased is to run, I know it, I accept it and it is why to some extent I have seen so much of the world in the last twelve months. Now forced wanderlust will take me southwards to Somerset and Cornwall; after all I have a Bucket list to complete and I need to get a move on.

There are ninety odd tasks left, some big some small and I want to do them all. In this journey I plan to undertake a quite a few. There is Longleat, Cheddar Gorge and the Eden project to visit. Cornish Beaches and Castles to Tour. Family to see. Cider farms....

When I get back there is our charity Sky Dive booked for the 23rd... all this in just three weeks. There is no time to moan or mourn lost time only to celebrate time well spent before the fates decide my future.


  1. Enjoy your time living life to the max with those you love, eat drink, enjoy the fresh air and the power of our equine friends......oh and have a cider for me


  2. You just keep going for it, the power of the human spirit is immense. Enjoy each & every moment, its a lovely part of the world to visit & of course theres the Sky Dive to look forward to when you get back.
    Big Hugs & no hangovers from the cider I hope :)

  3. Vicky, I live in Devon but I'm camping in Cornwalll for a week next week. Cornwall is so beautiful and tranquil I love it. The Eden project is amazing but could I suggest you visit St Ives it's one of my favourite places and I have some happy memories there. Healys cider farm is definitely worth a visit.