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Thursday, 20 December 2012

The Poppy Copperfield Saga

We have a turn of phrase in our family we refer to as " David Copperfield-ing" basically it means to give a novel of an answer to something that could be answered quite quickly but here I feel that tactic necessary. Firstly, because so much has happened I wouldn't be giving the subjects fair coverage and second if you really are to follow my life with cancer I can't just skip some crucial facts.

I want to start with the car crashes we witnessed. There we actually two, one on the A47 and on the A11. Both times we were are the forefront and both times a driver dyed. I am not squeamish and I made the 999 calls which is a first. At the time I was calm collected and did what I had to do but it did made me think about life and death in a very different way. These people quite literally didn't see it coming, their whole world imploded. There are definitely days when I could argue this is is better way to go; short and sharp. But really that would depend on how you live your live: your thoughts?

The reason we were on the A11 is because we were on our second consecutive day down go  Addenbrookes as I had agreed to start a new regime of IV Chemo on top of all the hormone control drugs. This on shouldn't make me so sick but I' m not sure if that's really the case. With so many different symptoms  how am I suppose to tell what is causing what?

The cushings causes weakness, fatigue, weight gain, high blood pressure, low potassium blurred eyesight....(I have had to get glasses)
The drugs cause dry mouth, water retention, cracked skin, fatigue, liver problems.....
The IV chemo causes fatigue(again!), loss of taste and appetite, oh and nausea......

Anyway everything was going alright, just very hectic, back and forward from Addenbrookes at least once a week for blood series which take all day, little events like visiting family and friends right up to a big family party a rented barn with both mine and my husbands immediate family! Of course that isn't counting that our wedding anniversary and my birthday were bang in the middle of all this! The anniversary we kept quiet with a trip to the zoo, and of course knowing that Rome would be the real prize but for my birthday we had a big lunch out with my parents and friend, presents and a lovely manicure and massage from my sister in law.

The thing is in the end despite not any of this activity being bad in fact I was being throughly spoilt my body just couldn't keep up and I was being to struggle when I came down with the same cold and caught that others had but couldn't shift it.

Howeverw I was there with Fynn for his final marathon for which we and the team raised over three hundred pounds specifically for ACC research. Something we will be continuing with new challenges and projects through Imagine It - if you are not aware of the organisation please look it up on www.imagineit.org.uk
We will also be forming a street time to donate time to volunteer with local fundraising project to raise awareness.

But then came the dreaded infection. With so many symptoms a cold could be a cold or in my case it could put you in a&e in a fairly serious way; in fact within hours! Oxygen, fluids, antibiotics and blood clot scares; plus hospitals don't actually communicate made for a less than fun 48 hours.

Not in a good way,,Fynn took this under protest when I insisted.
We had planed so much in coming weeks I couldn't stand for it all to whipped away like this! Forty eight hours made all the difference though and I escaped grasping antibiotics hoping that our plans would go ahead. I had one week to get in a fit state for Rome, our wedding anniversary present for each other. Many kind people had made enormously generous donations for us to make this trip and notably to achieve some of the targets on our Bucket List!

To be continued in Rome.....

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  1. This is such a beautiful, inspirational post - I've had a rough year and its always made me smile to see a post or video by you xo. Most Beautiful Girls