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Friday, 4 May 2012

The Score

Ok so here goes, the results of the scan show ...drum roll please... The chemo IS working!

The tumours in my lungs have shrunk dramatically and the others show no growth thus remaining stable. This is after only two rounds and good news!!! I have also been told that the stable tumours are the larger ones and with more treatment may yet shrink, they have changed shape which could be an effect of the treatment and hopefully mean cells are dying on the inside. Again good news!!

Now for the icing on the cake... I have had a few more tests for my cortisol levels but now I am off home with two weeks leave from the oncologist! Two more weeks to recover strength and to my mind work on our charity projects including our skydive and the Race for Life. This I can do with the enormous weight of chemo lifted away until afterwards!!!

I am tempted to pack things in but I still have to pace myself ... Oh but it is so tempting!!

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  1. Hi, I'm a friend of Kaori's and I have been following your blog. This is fantastic news and I am so, so pleased to hear it. Sarah Lee x

  2. Great news and makes my heart soar for you ... Read about you in Cosmo and following your blog, you are an inspiration! Kathy Morgan, Bracknell

  3. must take it easy too give them cells the chance to
    multiply and form an even stronger army brilliant news

  4. You deserve those good news, as you are definately an inspiration...all the love and dreams to you !!

  5. This is very encouraging! I have been following you for a while and i am so pleased good news has come your way. Keep smiling :)

  6. Oh Victoria!
    I am on top of the world for you!...
    Just goes to show what a possitve attitude can do towards making things better!

  7. Tried to comment the other day but my phone was beig silly, that's brilliant news! No wonder you were taking such a physical hit, your body was working hard for you. Enjoy this stolen time away from hospital, hurrah for your oncologist giving You the time off it!
    Ps sponsored. Did I mention you're amazing?

  8. What amazing news I am so thrilled for you x x

  9. Vicky - This is absolutely fantastic news. I have always been a positive thinker. Never give up hope, always think positive, however difficult it is at the time. Onwards and upwards! We are all behind you. xx