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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Half way home.

So it's been a week or so and we haven't quite made it home with one thing and another. We spent a lovely few days in Cornwall although we left rain behind us, and then a long weekend in a very sunny Somerset. We have done heaps of different things and the best way to tell you will be to split them into different entries! Rest assured there will be plenty ticking of to be done on "The Bucket List" when we do get home and that is a very satisfying thought. Even that is not complete for this week either for tomorrow we will be jumping from 10,000ft out of a plane, if all goes well! Sponsorship will be going to the Happiness Foundation so do visit the Imagine It website And donate what you can if you haven't already.
I have to admit I feel rather numb over it all but two of the others in my team are petrified of heights and I love they are making the choice to face their fears and help others through the cause! My fear is best explained after the jump :) ...

Only one day to go!

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