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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Downward Slide of November

This is a month I wanted to write so many things because so much has happened. On the way back from Staffordfordshire we witnessed from literally feet a way a fatal car crash and spent hours by the road with the police which really makes you think!

My husband and I got imagine it tattoos on our hands of the dandelion clocks.

We had our first years anniversary and my birthday..... Each and every one there is so much to tell and new plans and achievements with the Bucket List!!!

However, the biggest news is always going to be the medical, I really wish it wasn't but it is now unavoidable as last Monday proved! I have started lots of new drugs to control my Cushing's and the first round of a new chemo. In the week after I then caught a chest infection. Long story short by Monday I find myself in Norwich hospital on fluids IV antibiotics and oxygen for 24 hours just to breathe.

I am home now but stupidly weak and tired under the influence of all these drugs. My husband has his last half marathon challenge tomorrow and the whole thing has thrown out his training and then we leave for Rome on Wednesday as our anniversary celebration so all I can do is rest up and try not to be in the way. I hope this is passing and not the signs of times to come!!


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