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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

I can't believe we're back already!

Here we go again, four weeks have flown buy and I am just feeling better and low and behold my time is up. Tomorrow it will be back to the world of Addenbrookes chemotherapy clinic and the whole faror  starts again. By now you will be as familiar as I am with the ins and outs (literally) of needles and how boring and tiring it is; this is round five after all! There will at least one more after this, potential another four, how depressing is that thought!

However this is not the way to think if I am to pass these tests! Instead it is better to reflect not on how quickly the last month has passed but instead on what I have achieved and enjoyed in that time. So lets see... what have I achieved??? (in no particular order).

1. Got Big Black (Ramba) back into work
2. Arranged a Cornish themed birthday for my Ma
3. Been to celebrations for my Father in Law, Sister in Law and Niece
4. Seen Oliver the Musical
5. Been to London and on the London Eye
6. Seen the new Batman movie
7. Been Carriage DrivingK
8. Given Fynn a riding lesson
9. Had my Hen-do boating on the Broads
10. Been riding with my Uni friend Mary
11. Visited Wood Green Animal Shelter
12. Written a Bucket List
13. Written many blogs
14. Designed a new flyer for Imagine It
15. Started my NLP and Life Coaching training.

And thats just off the top of my head so I am sure I have missed a thing or two, but my point is easily
proved that my time is hardly been wasted! Ever since I became ill almost two years ago I have strived to live to the fullest and despite the physical challenges I have faced in this time I can conclude that is what I am doing. The only shame is that I couldn't have seen the light sooner... Imagine what I could have done... but again not the way to think... Imagine what I can do next month!

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  1. Impressive list Vicky. Did Fynn enjoy his riding lesson?xxx