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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Riding high

Regular readers will have picked up by now that I love horses and ride a GelderlanderX called Ramba aka Monkeyhead. I have long wanted to organise a sponsored ride for Macmillan but various factors have meant this has been put on hold for the moment. However a few weeks ago I was riding with a friend and we decided instead we would put together a little team and complete some rides organised but others - less hassle but still the challenge of the ride itself. All the fun, no hassle!... ish :)

Today we started our challenge with the Lexham Estate ride; 11 miles off road with optional XC jumping and a water crossing. I have had just over one week since I finished my first round of chemo so it was going to be a last minute entry, however by Monday I was determined I would be able to do it.

Ramba is fit, probably too fit, due to all the winter riding but having had a week off means he has extra energy and it was almost like he knew something was up because we have had to have the farrier out twice for his favourite "oh no I've lost my shoe.. oops" trick and then off course on sunny Thursday I spent 20 mins in the field watching this....

He is pretty... pretty frustrating... but I caught him in the end and we did go for quite a pleasant hack in our new gear which made me feel more confident.

This morning however I was nervous; it has actually been a long time since I did any 'real' riding ... not really since I was in Atlanta in 2007. Then I was actually doing some half decent competing... which looked a lot more...

Cool Fusion and I at a trial day in Georgia - Feb 2007

So this shouldn't be a big deal but somehow it is especially since the Ramba threw us both down in the mud a few weeks back and shot my confidence - not so much my ridden confidence but by personal - 'who am I?' 'what is my purpose?' type confidence into question. Something illness can do, threaten your sense of identity as it strips you to your soul, warping everything it can touch. So I'll admit here and now I was a gigantic pain the ass yesterday; winding myself up about all that could go wrong. Not a brilliant start to my new leaf of calm. Sorry D; I really am, and after all you were right.

But here I am, nothing if not stubborn about to embark on 11 miles in the beautiful March weather that is rain :).

I'll let pictures tell the rest!

Ready to start!

Off we go...

Can't see us for mud ...

Returning in the rain.

Completely drenched but we made it!

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  1. What a day!! He is a spunk!!! And looks like he had a lot of spunk too lol!!
    Funny I still have nriddle back into ridding yet, but lOoking at your photos I can feel the exhilaration, power, thrill and nervousness, It isToo be on the back ofshuck a mighty animal :)
    ahhhhhh horses Love them :)