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Friday, 23 March 2012

Mad March Hair day - Wed 21st

Today was a weird day.  I was very productive in the morning, up bright and early and sorting out a very muddy horse who has been out since his performance at Lexham on Sunday. I spent ages grooming him, transferring most of his hair and muck to me. Then in a positive sunny mood I drove home via a local Equestrian Centre, managed to catch the owner just as she was leaving and managed to negotiate a very good deal for a starter session for Imagine It members (details on www.imagineit.org.uk/events).

Feeling productive and proud I got home to update my husband on my success and then fought fruitfully with the website and got the details up there.  All before 11 o'clock... not bad huh?

Time for a quick shower, and there I am merrily washing my hair and rinsing the conditioner when I look at my hands to find... guess what? Hair. Not just a few strands... quite a handful. My hair is coming out. I knew of course it would; its a side effect of chemotherapy but there is nothing quite like holding the strands of your hair in the palm of your hand or seeing them on your pillow in the morning to make the realisation really take hold. I will have no hair. None. Ever again.


I liked my hair. I loved washing it in John Freida Shampoos and conditioning it. It used to be long and thick and lush. People used to say "I love your hair" and I used to steal Chandler's from Friends quip "Thanks, I grew it myself!" No more however. Now I have to treasure every last second I have from having my own.

But I digress - I make this discovery and come out of the shower to tell my husband. Something I say with good humour at the time; the impact hasn't really hit me yet. As he begins to say something to comfort me someone comes to the door. And this is where it get ironic; it's Carole the lady who has come to do the final fitting for my wigs. Yes wigs... so I will still have hair and all for just under a bargain £400 ... cancer isn't so cheap but if you try hard enough it can be glamourous!!

To mirror my current style..
... and a  little more glamour.

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  1. Both those shapes aRe gorgeous, and the colour is so like your own too! Xx