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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Pushing Onwards

It is Monday. Having had a a peaceful weekend with my mum and D today I am going to make my first real move towards normality. I am going riding.

The horse I ride, you may be aware is a a large black driving horse who was semi-retired until I got over zealous in bringing him back into fitness and today when I get on he feels bigger and I admit I feel small and frail. Shaking that off I continue anyway; I have asked for some of his tack to be changed over (snaffle to a pelham, and a breastplate so i have something to grab!) so I won't have to work as hard for control should he get strong and it pays off because he knows and I get to enjoy an active but very controllable horse. We only go for a short ride down a couple of local tracks and lanes which is enough to tire me out, and make him sweat as he carries himself completely differently in this tack working harder than normal with each stride; it is good for him! Especially as I have just made the decision to go on a charity ride this Sunday coming the 18th. I have held off on the decision not knowing how I'd feel but knowing I come through the last week strong and not being able to accept the thought that I am a charity case myself just yet I want to prove that I can be a proper part of something. So Lexham Ride is where I start.

After that who knows but I my mind is always on Imagine It events and Race for Life at a light jog????? Who knows who knows?!


  1. Well done dear There is nothing like a horse beneath your to lift you spirits ,I am so glad you are riding again ,Well done indeed x x

  2. Fantastic that your in the saddle again :) Want some photos of your black beauty :)