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Monday, 13 February 2012

It all started with a coffee...


I'm here early, all set up in the corner of the Costa cafe, my latte on the table, book in hand but haven't read a word; I'm too nervous. My eyes keep flicking to the window, across the river... I'm pretty sure he'll come that way. Soon enough a blonde man in a navy jumper saunters in a confidently casual but not arrogant away across the bridge oblivious to the February cold.

"eyes down, eyes down... read book" I think... although not a single word goes in, the book could be upside down for all I know! In fact I can't help it my eyes flick up very quickly and away again as the door opens, this is it! A few moments later..."Hello," a voice now so familiar and I look up into shining blue eyes and the most gorgeous smile.

Over two hours later in which we've talked non-stop I reluctantly announce I have an appointment to go to (I'm having a phoenix tattooed across my lower back) and I really have to run. I nip to the ladies and check my face. It's not the face I would like to see still, my hair is very short and spikes out from the blue turben-y style hair band, my cheeks are rounder from the cushing's I suffered with last summer; but my make up is in place as is a silly grin because I know this date has gone well.

We hesitate on the pavement, we've already arranged to meet again, and I so want him to kiss me... moment of doubt, oh what if he is just being nice to me, the poor sick girl with furby-like hair and he doesn't really like me... we hug, hestitate close to each other but both step back. I have to go, in fact I'm going to have to literally run across the city to the tattoo parlour! And so we part for now, I cross the road, and scuttle down the street, "don't look back, don't look back... play it cool.." I look back... only to see him glance back at me at the precise same moment, quickly we carry on our way. I know now we both spent the rest of that day with wide grins on our faces.


I'm not early; in fact I'm late. I'm nervous too... you see I don't actually know where I am going, or what I'm getting ready for as I hastily try to stick on eyelashes straight. "You will be ready soon won't you?" says that same voice from a year ago. That's my husband. I might be nervous once again but my entire world is revolving on a different axis since that coffee date and I am now off for a surprise date to celebrate the anniversary of that first one. We love doing new things and embracing every second so we are sure as hell going to celebrate life any chance we get!

Last night he took me to a waffle house... I'd never been before, tonight we pull up outside a theatre where the Moscow City Ballet are performing their closing night of Romeo and Juliet! I've never been to the ballet either, and its been on the list! I love ticking these things off, I feel I haven't made the most of opportunities and D knows this, hence this night!

The Moscow City Ballet Company - Romeo and Juliet.

The ballet is amazing and I am enchanted. I fully intend to go again, and have added Swan lake as a must on the "to do" and have been rambling on about seeing Black Swan and Baz Lurman's (sp?) version of R + J again! We leave the theatre to find the city has been blanketed in beautiful crisp white snow; a truly magical moment.

If that isn't enough we have booked a little cottage in Snowdonia for a weeks hideaway... more on that soon! xx

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