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Saturday, 11 February 2012


It's warm under this soft fleecy blanket, my skin feels like its glowing after the hot shower and my hair wet but refreshing clean wrapped turben style in a towel.

I am curled up on a leather sofa in a little stone cottage tucked into to side of a valley in Snowdonia National Park. My husband is wedged in by my feet, I can feel his body heat through the blanket - he is always so warm!

My feet ache slightly, but pleasantly, after a days walking in the refreshingly cold sunshine that shone down around snow capped peaks. My stomach is satisfyingly full of locally sourced lamb hotpot from a local pub followed by tasty sultana and apple saucepan cake and a cup of hot tea.

Closing my eyes, I can hear the logs crackle and shift on the fire, and my eyelids feel heavy. In the background Birdy's melodies soothe my usually erratic thoughts and I am only left with a simplistic sense of peace.

For me, it is moments like this to be savoured, treasured and remembered as a place for my mind to return and seek a quiet serenity when the world is becoming evermore frantic in it's vain attempts to find this simple delicate bubble of peace that has crept quietly upon me in this secluded little cottage.



  1. Just wanted to say how inspiring you are. I found out about you and this blog via Linda, who also made my wedding dress last year, but I've only today been able to read it - I lost a friend in November to Hodgkins Lymphoma and reading your story was just too much so soon after her. I started my blog partly inspired by her to get off my backside and do things - nothing on your scale, often just the domestic stuff I've put off through sheer laziness. But reading yours just really emphasises that message that life is for living. I'm so lucky to have things I take for granted and sometimes it takes something, or someone special to make us realise what we do have. You're lucky to have such supportive family and friends...and they're lucky to have someone like you in their lives. I truly wish you all the best in this horrendously difficult journey you're going on.