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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The power of Imagination.

It was through the concept and the ethos of Imagine It that my relationship with D developed and grew. A grounding in belief in the simple things in life being key to happiness, a drive to experience the incredible world around us and a wish to share that revelation with others.

This weekend we held our first social event of the year, very simply it was a group trip to Wells next to the Sea in Norfolk. Members of the ever growing Imagine It community gathered together for a walk on the beach, splash in the sea, to play with the dogs and games like Frisbee. The weather was cold but dry and everyone seemed to feel at ease together; exactly what we aim to achieve. After a good dose of sea air everyone collected in the Beach Cafe to have a hot drink and listen to some local musicians while D, his brother in law and I went off to collect a mass order of fish and chips! (Our car still smells faintly of this huge but tasty assortment!)

The wagons were circled and everyone dug into hot food with the relish that a bracing walk will give you. To follow everyone had a superb cupcake made by the same friend who made our wedding cake; she is a fantastic cake maker whatever she may think I know that a big group of people agree with me and that the evidence is in the fact that all those cupcakes have disappeared already!!

It certainly seemed and I truly hope that everyone really enjoyed themselves. We are on to our next event soon with many ideas in the works the only downside is that for us personally the organising can take the form of a lot of pressure when we have a big shadow hanging over us. We in the most difficult of circumstances must try as hard as anyone to maintain positive outlooks and set the example. As I expressed in my previous blog this community has become something incredibly close to my heart and a cause I will literally devote the rest of life to! This is probably due to some self-centered wish that I could have had the revelation of true happiness without suffering at the hands of a terrifying illness and had the chance really to do it; really live to the full. It's what I dream about at night and day-dream about during the day; the missed chances, the stolen opportunities. What makes me cry in weaker moments and fight in my stronger ones.

Imagination is a truly powerful thing, not to be underestimated or misused, but in this case I hope it and we can make an impact.

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