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Monday, 30 January 2012

How to fight a foe that can't be fought.

With my condition there isn't a lot to be done; something might slow the cancers progress but it can't in the long term be stopped. However it is not in my nature to surrender, this enemy might get me one day but there are other ways of fighting back. This blog is one; I am not going to hide, I am not going to be ashamed. I'll admit in my low moments I feel like it is all my fault but logically I know that it is not, so what  are my options?

Raise awareness - check. Blog and newspaper/articles covering that.
Live my principles by example - check. Working within Imagine It should demonstrate that?

but what else? I have long wanted to show my appreciation to Macmillan Cancer Care especially because of the most fantastic nurse I had last year. Whilst there are many cancer charities out there I personally feel as though Macmillan is the one that actually takes you by the hand no matter the circumstances and provides and encourages the individual. It isn't so much about the research side of things; more importantly for people like me its about the now. So here is my thinking; I want to organise a sponsored event and the one thing I enjoy doing above all else is horse riding - so I want to arrange a sponsored horse ride in aid of Macmillan. I am short of time and knowledge of the local area having only moved here a few months ago. However on our trip back from Burnham Market we stopped at a local pub where D knows the landlady. She suddenly came up with a whole list of local contacts one of which is a wife of a landowner and on the fundraising committee for the local Macmillan branch. Score!

I rang her up and voila her and her husband appear to be giving me full backing to arrange a ride for the 1st of April! Even if I have to have chemo at the beginning of March it will be my first round and I will have nearly three weeks recovery and still be able to take part! :) So now what I need to do is get a route planned and am meeting up with a lady from the West Norfolk Hunt who knows the land to go through the maps and get a proposed route. We can then get permission from any other landowners and I can get cracking on the advertising etc. Its going to be a push but I am determined to get it done so watch this space!

Carlos- one of the steeds!


  1. As always a great attitude! I am at your disposal Vicky, so just let me know what help you need in getting this event sorted... xx

  2. Thank you Kaori - know anyone who rides that area around N tuddenham, Etling green and Swanton Morely? x

  3. Was that Louise making use of her local knowledge by any chance?