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Monday, 14 November 2011

Hurricanes and Coffee

Sitting in a coffee shop, we are wrapped up in towels and sipping sweet cappuccinos, feet tucked up on the sofa as water swirls around our feet.

We spend an entire morning this way, taking it in turns to read 'Losing Gemma' out loud to each other. A hurricane has hit the Caribbean coast and the rain is coming down in sheets causing the hotel roof to collapse, flooding the streets (lack of drains) and has swiftly seeped in the doors to flood the floor. Big news in England but here the local staff are completely unfazed... health and safety what rules ?? What coloured tape?? Lol the English councils would have a fit!. Even the workman swinging from scaffolding in the hotel lobby have an attitude I find refreshing in the utmost!

Later during this spell of weather we hop the local communitas bus and visit Playa del Carmen. It's debatable which takes more effort wading through the flooded streets or avoiding the haggling street traders!!!
Just a little damp!

Paddling through the streets!

It was the antithesis of the spa but I feel we got something of Mexico real out of this and loved every minute!!

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