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Monday, 14 November 2011

A night with lobster

Ut-oh watch out!!!

I couldn't wait to write about this one! D and I arrived at a palm beach hut beautifully and romantically lit for a honeymoon lobster dinner. Greeted by tuxedo'd staff and pink fizz, we take our seats looking out over the the sea and illuminated Mayan ruin. On the beach chefs are preparing a sumptuous feast and we are looking forward to trying lobster for the first time - we are all about new experiences!! We have lobster bisque (rich and creamy!!), lobster, steak, potato and maize, followed up by indulgent chocolate dessert. The champagne flows throughout: beautiful, amazing, awe inspiring: could never cover it! 

We have to call an end to the plied champers and decide to donate the last half bottle to another couple; but who? It should be a couple not to far into their meal....we have just chosen when the guy kneels and proposes! Magical. She accepts, cries and they are brought champagne.... damn :) there goes our gesture! We eventually choose differently and are rewarded when the girl offers to take the picture at the top.

We wonder along the beach and then back to our room where the maid service have been busy; leaving a tray of chocolate dipped strawberries and yet more champagne. The floor, bed and Jacuzzi are scattered with rose petals; cliched but so so worth it!

Safe to say the poor origami swans are soon unrecognizable ;). The decadence only ends with breakfast in bed the next morning! Whether it be Mexico real or indulgent luxury we are absorbing every part of this amazing place and its diverse culture! 

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