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Friday, 11 November 2011

Spa day

Its warm, but completely different from the raw heat of the sun we've had the last few days by the pool. This heat is from being cocooned in blankets and cushioned on towels and waterbeds, the air heavy with aromatherapy oils. I am so relaxed I could go to sleep if I didn't know that the therapists would be back soon so tell us to clear off :) !!

You see after a few days of soaking up the sunshine, reading and swimming the pools and sea we have dedicated the day to spa gods. Rocking up early we have a healthy breakfast at the Spa restaurant and change into our robes and plastic sandles (very classy!). The treatments start with an hour of hydrotherapy; this includes different pools where strong jets of water pummel every part of you from your neck to the soles of your feet. Then there is a series of steam rooms, saunas. scented showers and ice baths (brrr!!!).

After a health drink, we are guided to the flotation pool; a pool of salty water in a dark room with twinkly-colored lights and gentle soothing music. We are supposed to lie floating and relaxing for twenty minutes and get the equivalent to four hours sleep but the thing is it's frigging freezing! So we laugh and dip in a toe at a time eventually biting the bullet we go for it but I have to say that it would have been a much more relaxing experience had it been a tad warmer!

After this we go for a "fire" treatment, which involves a steam room, exfoliation and couples hydro-bath. Then we are coated in mud and wrapped in what feels very much like cling film and a heated gym mat - wrong? but is actually extremely warm and comforting. Next we shower the mud off and return for a massage and facial both of which are amazing, hence the fact that I am now lying cocooned with doziness virtually over coming me. If anything can sooth adrenal (adrenal - adrenaline - stress  - I'm sorry I don't care what the dr's say, but more info on that later) cancer this must be it; active relaxation of mind and body. I strongly believe that everyone should have time like this once in a while, our modern lives are far too busy and pressured it isn't good for us and we miss out on so much. Yes do as much as you can, but be in that experience fully; make sure you acquire memories!! Vx

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  1. Love reading your blogs Vicky, thank you so much for sharing! Very inspiring! xxx