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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Tenth October

Hospital night one.

It took a few hours to go thought the forms and tests that are required to get admitted but everyone in Endocrine was lovely, fetching cups of tea and nipping in to say hello. It was about six but the time I was escorted to my penthouse suite. The decor is of a distinctly classical spartan design with a hint of " you need a glass of water" after thought; a subtle addition only the NHS would take the lack of time and attitude to really commit to! Not too many sour grapes though as I have scored the panoramic view of the campus buildings and windows with out which I am sure I would turn feral and bite!

The dour nurses have a fantastically warm and friendly charm and I think the receptionist is that charming character from little Britain who enthusiastically reports " computer says no". However now I have seen my consultant and my favourite nurses from endocrine so have been signed off by my doctor to self medicate (control my own meds), and will go to clinic for my tests not rely on the ward staff. So I am happy with that.

I suppose you want to know the reason I am here? My blood pressure as you know was getting to a dangerously high point so I have now been given a new tablet to bring that down and it has had an effect overnight. It is not normal yet but it's dropped to something other than a thundering drum. I am also making the transfer between cortical steroid inhibitors and because this is best done under close supervision and we live over two hours away from Addenbrookes it seemed best to get the whole process done as quickly and safely as possible. Of course it sucks to be away from my husband and animals. I was so enjoying our little bubble and planning for the next round of adventures but this way I might be in an even better state of health for them so I'm going to stick with optimism. I just hope that optimism can hold out for two weeks.

My consultant has said I can go home over the weekend and come back on Sunday night, a reprieve more than welcome by then I am sure plus I was determined to escape to see my husband run the Great Eastern Half Marathon on Sunday. For which all support and sponsorship is still being greatly received!!!!! Hint hint. Thank you to all those who already have.

Off for a blood sample, post again soon xx

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  1. You're an inspiration! Many go throughout life without grasping the perspective you have achieved. Along with many others I am sure, I am in awe of how much you continue to achieve. Sending positive thoughts your way x