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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Bittersweet friend of Mine

Medically there has not been much to update you with recently for the direct and simple reason no one has updated me. I have been making weekly trips to hospital for day series blood tests and it it is dependant on these results how they decide to treat my symptoms. The treatment of the tumours being a different ball park altogether.

Now however, now there is a plan or at least a start of one.

1. I will start phase two of chemo next week. Different drugs, different side effects, different timetable; all exciting new instalments to come!

2. However part two however is my dear old friend mitotane. This innocent chalky white pill was my former nemesis post surgery for over a year. It is an adrenal inhibitor and when taking it without active tumours is very much like functioning after a night out on tequila. For some it is effective and prevents the cancer growing but the didn't appear to be the case for me and earlier this year I stopped taking it. Ironically it does seem to have been having some effect because it had kept some of the tumour not growth but activity lower.

So here you are mitotane... Back.. (From outta space, your prescription just walks in, the nurses apprehensive look upon her face.... Ok no more Gloria I promise... It's five am I'm a little addled.......).and not alone. Along with blood pressure pills, metyrapone, ketakonazole, and spiralactone. Not to forget the odd high dose potassium supplement. Let's see if you can keep me not just surviving but living that much longer!


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  1. Always in my thoughts, chin up, you're amazing!!!