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Sunday, 16 September 2012

The Return of Sampson

The return of Sampson

You may recall or want return an read a post I wrote when I shaved my then fast moulting hair.
I likened my feelings to the biblical hero of Sampson whose source of strength was in his locks. Since I have stopped IV chemo I have continued with increasing strength and energy. Yesterday I walked the dog with my husband for an hour, keeping with his pace, where just weeks ago I was begging for him to slow down, I then did about an hours stable work, lifting and carrying heavy wheelbarrows, and then in the afternoon did a four mike round trip on the bike to the GP surgery. A mere month ago this would seem an impossibility for one day. The parallel is that within that time there has been a remarkable growth of my hair. Short as it is I now have a complete covering of soft hair on my head, it can almost pass as a style. Not one I would choose but a style nonetheless! It amazes me how quickly it has returned and is growing and I can spend ages touching it in wonderment . Not only is it there it is soft, I have for months had hedgehog like hairs, harsh and spiky that are uncomfortable to lean on and unpleasant to run your hand over, like stubble I suppose.

It is probably a large part of me feeling so much more normal and happy just to have this simple luxury. My hair is bringing back my strength and I love it, I knew I was well under par but getting "better" I realise just by how much, just how weak I was. To anyone undergoing treatment (that is working) stick through it because the comeback is glorious. I am still on the up for now and plan to relish every moment of exercise I can; walking, cycling, riding, swimming... God just bouncing up and down for no reason! My muscles love it, they ache but in that awesome way that I know they are getting stronger! For all this I am getting more done each day, sleeping better and generally being a lot nicer to be around I think!

So here is to further improvement .... Maybe I'll start running again. There is an Imagine It half marathon at the end of November... Maybe I'm dreaming here but that would be a dream come true! I just need to fend off those pesky doctors and their prophecies of doom and gloom a while longer!

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