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Thursday, 13 September 2012


Recently I have spent a lot of time thinking about my radically changed looks. To me at least they are radical.; most people say I still look like me, that short hair suits me and that I have to remember that everybody changes with age so I can't expect to look 21 anyway! This last one particularly drives me crazy because I am fully aware I don't look anything like 21, or 26 or indeed what I would look like if I were my actual age of 28 and had not got sick! I would not be scarred, I would not have shorter hair than everyone I know!

True I might have put on some weight, be less fit (though I doubt it), I do not mean to say I am fat, I just a 12 instead of my previous 8 and my jeans testify to it! It is a pure medical fact that cortisol causes your body to store fat around your torso and this is what I have done. As a result I have had to completely replace my wardrobe; something that is not cheap and little traumatic at times. Out with the old French Connection jeans and All Saints tops I saved for when I was being so career focused and in with Tesco, Zara and Charity shops. Ok thats a little melodramatic, I still have some very nice clothes but I still feel it is a forced loss. I try to not to be materialistic, lets face it if someone gave me health in return for all my "stuff" it would be a complete no brainer! Memories are what are important!

However I have meandered from the point. I've been pondering upon my looks and while it can and has caused me some distress I have made a big effort to get on with it. As I said, buying clothes that are comfortable and therefore don't make me feel like a hippo and by embracing the fact my natural look is very basic which in many ways makes it more flexible! I can look like anything from one day to the next. As with any girl my makeup and clothes are the result of choice; as casual or dressy as I like to be, but the real winner is the hair. I have started to acquire more wigs, now in different lengths and colours. My most recent acquisition being a very long copper-red wig. i wore it yesterday at a wedding with a dress and heels and aside from the  - what if people realise it is fake? -nervousness, I think I pulled off the glam look quite well!

In contrast today I wore no wig, no make up with shorts and tshirt. I might not even be recognised as the same person! Now I have decided to embrace my new found talent as a chameleon/ potential spy I am wondering just how much fun i can get out of it? Who shall I be tomorrow??



  1. Good for you! There's a couple who use to come to the pub most weekends for a meal. Every visit, the female of the partnership would have a different colour or style of hair. Clearly, she had decided to have fun and turn her hair loss into a positive. They still visit but less often now as they've moved away and its still a treat to see which style she is wearing.
    As you might know, I tend to like unusual colours for my own hair because I just dont hold with the idea you shouldn't admit you've gone grey and colour your hair. Pink has been the choice of this summer alternated with bleached blonde, and very short. I have even considered shaving the whole lot off and who is to say I wont at some point. I do live in a village however and there are times when my odd colours and styles cause as much consternation as celebration..Im not sure they'd get shaved..and it'd only be in summertime I could do it or Id be too cold. The psychology of why hair is so important to women is something I find fascinating when its perfectly acceptable for a man to be bald, even considered a sign of virility...our society has some odd ways about it. In the meantime, you have fun & we look forward to more pics of a lovely chameleon

  2. You've described so well some of the difficulties I've faced too from treatment, to some it sounds trivial compared to cancer but when you suddenly have a wardrobe which doesn't suit your changed body shape it can be really disheartening. It becomes another hurdle to face. I've been trying to set up a project for people in our situation, young and going through cancer treatment, to get discounts off in shops and other retailers just to make life a bit easier and make adapting to our new bodies a little easier. I would love to link to this blog post if you didn't mind? If you wanted anymore info about the project it's called The Hibiscus Project (www.hibiscusproject.co.uk) please get in touch if you want to know more. All the best