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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Gone with the Wind

Just a little update on the bucket list progress. Now we have the list mounted on canvas we have been able to physically tick off our tasks which is very satisfying!!

Hoever just because we are home doesn't mean we will be stopping for example....

Last Wednesday we got up early and flew a kite on Wells Beach #39

and last night we finished watching 'Gone with the Wind' #96

Now what we going to do next?

Go Ape?
Go to a Casino?
Plant a Tree?
Make Jam?
Have a fancy dress party?
Start a Wish Tree?

Hmm so so many options!! However I don't want the completion of the list to become the total aim,; the aim is to enjoy doing each of these tasks without the pressure. I have been asked lots what is next and I quite honestly don't know yet; finding out is just part of the process!


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  1. Vicky, your list looks amazing. I reckon you should go to a casino. I'd love to go to one. Me and my husband have said we'll both go one night with £50.00 each and see how we get on. He'll probably blow his £50 in minutes then he'd up spending mine because I'd probably be too scared.