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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Birds on a Boat

My husband announced to me on the way home from a family dinner out that he had an idea for the following day, when I asked what it was I was told that I'd find out. Usually I can't stand surprised I'm simply too much of a control freak but in later months I have chilled considerably and for the first time I have complete and utter faith in another person. So if my husband says to trust him, I do.

The following day I got ready, completely unsuspecting, and we drove to the broads. The whole journey there I asked for clues but couldn't make head or tails of his cryptic words; I realise now that he wouldn't have wanted me to guess. The only point I became unsure was when we arrived in Wroxham and approached the boats, Toast was in the car and I was sure we wouldn't be leaving him. Then we spotted a unique yellow car belonging to a friend from London. Then I started to wig! You could tell by the way I am was led along the dockside and then, crouched low in the last boat was a crew of pirates!!

Organised by my husband, a group of friends had gathered to give me the belated hen party I never had. To remind you, Fynn and I were engaged for a mere five weeks before getting hitched because we had no idea how quickly my sickness would progress. I hadn't really thought about it to be honest, having moved to Norfolk and my friends being spread so far around the country it seemed an impossible and somewhat unnecessary event. I've never been one to self-celebrate preferring instead to make a fuss of others.

However here I was with friends from far and wide, old and new, dressed as pirates on a boat for the day with champagne, strawberries and cake!!

The sun blessed us after days and days of rain and we explored the waterways in style!

We moored up by a pub for lunch attracting a lot of attention in our costumes, (Fynn had ordered mine for me; sneaky thing!). We enjoyed some Pimms and lunch before embracing our inner children on a horse racing arcade game.

It was a glorious day and I felt overwhelmed by the effort the girls had made just for me. I never expected to have a hen do, that time has past, but this was perfect; I felt so so lucky! There were a couple of people who couldn't make it, as there always is with parties, but there were also people there I didn't even know a year ago and their presence is extra special. I always rattle on about the importance of the right people in your life being what makes time worthwhile. It is occasions like this that prove I am right!!

A big, huge Thank You to all involved - you made me feel loved and special.

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