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Saturday, 7 July 2012

Needles IV: Return to Addenbrookes

Like every cheesy horror movie, the plot has been done to death. There maybe a few new characters, "fresh meat" and more blood and gore but in all essentials it's the same old tale and we know what's going to happen.

All packed up the characters; older less attractive (the actors probably have drug problems and are only back because they burned out!) leave with hope, wishing farewell and head towards what is no longer unknown. Maybe there are traffic problems or some crucial item is forgotten just to mix things up, but all the same they arrive to be greeted by the scary/ strange/ cross eyed (delete as applicable) receptionist. This should be warning enough that behind these walls lies no holiday!

The same routines, tests of blood and character, close calls with mad scientists and suspense that would have the less experienced viewer wondering what happens next. By now we all know, at some point there are needles, poison and tears. Exhausted our heroine loses consciousness only to wake disorientated and bruised to drag her way on. The couple will have a tiff mistrusting each others intentions quite unnecessarily but it all add to the drama and maybe a moment of romance. New characters are put in to provide explanation for the viewers but they disappear pretty quickly and any big name cameos (consultants) no longer put in an appearance for these horror veterans!

All in all the story has been told and no one is more bored than me. Having made it out of round four alive I am starting the ever slow process of recuperating. That too is a boring round of pill popping, headaches and fatigue heavy sleep. I wish it could be different but it is not. So sleep I shall and dream of more exciting adventures to tell next time.

On one last note; it was my husbands birthday this week, just to make me feel that little more worthless. No fresh coffee and pancakes in Amsterdam; just machine sludge and dried sandwiches. No canal boats or famous views; just mechanical beds, uncomfortable chairs and the same four walls! I can not help but feel guilty and have tried my utmost to treat him with presents, cake, and even breakfast in bed, but it's not enough. Somehow I will repay him for all the errand running, driving, tear drying and stability he gives so unselfishly throughout the week and even more so during my recovery. He needs a holiday!


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