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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Some Imagination in the rain.

Yesterday we had one of our Imagine It  - (find us on facebook, twitter and www.imagineit.org.uk ) giveaways - an Easter Egg one! I confess that I was a little bit pleased it was such a rainy day for my debut in the community since chemo started when really I should have hoped for optimum conditions for people to get up and do something!

It's something we have fought against during the winter; plenty of people sit at there computor, Ipad or phone and happily converse on living life but when it come to getting up and making a change in their life they seem to find some excuse usually about the cold or rain. Weirdly (or not) I love being outside whatever the weather - as Billy Connelly says you just need the right clothes! Don't get me wrong there have been people we know - are proud to know - that have made big changes for the better and on a deep level I am so so pleased and a little envious because I found out too late what it is to embrace every opportunity! If you put your mind to it there really isn't anything in your way!

Yesterday sounds an easy job, with the quiz for the hunt already set up and downloadable from the website we just had to set ourselves up at the start and the finish armed with a smile and the prizes. I elected for the finish as the easiest option and took our jeep with a boot full of easter eggs down to the Abbey in Wymondham. I had to sit for a good 25 mins before the first people arrived and worried a bit about my appearance being all decked out in my wig and in my mind at least looking distinctly unhealthily pale and tired but what was to be done once there? Quite.

Still it all went fine, better than fine, as everyone seemed to really enjoy running around in the rain doing the quiz and earning their chocolate. Some people even wanted us to do them more often or said they realised that rain doesn't mean a day indoors!! So I count that as a success!!

Anyway; today isn't raining here in fact it is beautifully sunny and despite waking up painfully stiff I feel a lot better for walking Toasty in the sunshine and practicing some Tai Chi in the fields behind the house. So now I'm going to go get my ass back in the saddle and enjoy the Norfolk countryside the only way it should be!!

Back soon! xx


  1. it was lovely and inpsirational to read your artical in cosmo magasine today, all the best :) xx

  2. Your wig looks lovely on you, it's a gorgeous colour and looks natural! Great choice. :)

  3. Your writing is always so inspirational! Keep your chin up, you're awesome! Always thinking of you xxx

  4. ^^its Emma!! Woop!!
    V, as always, you are amazing. First up, the wig looks amazing, like I said before the colour is bang on for you, and you don't look pale at all :) second, I'm so glad you're getting back in the saddle again, I'm hoping the weather holds better for you than it is here, while you're nt one to be stuck indoors it's still nicer on horseback when it's dry! Offto find a copy of cosmo now, you're clearly causing a run on the magazine ;) and mum wants to read it too! Xxx

  5. The wig looks great and really suits you. So glad that you are now back enjoying the sunshine as well as the countryside. Just keep on bouncing back after the chemo. xx