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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Just one reason I love my husband!

I consistently rely on my husband to keep me grounded through daily challenges. It is with his support and advice I do what I do.

Imagine It runs a community blog where anyone can write about what they are doing, thinking or feel. Periodically we contribute ourselves and today Fynn wrote a piece that struck home with me, so I hope it will with you too.

Here is an extract:

"I wonder how many of you are able to recognise this struggle to achieve a balance between being true to yourself and being accepted? I guess this balance is a fluid motion which can never truly be grasped for long however I believe that by adopting a simple approach to living life we will enjoy this balance even more. On one side of this balance lies our own unique personalities and on the other is our environment. In my experience we often take radical approaches to achieving this balance by either striving to be someone other than ourselves to mould into our environment or we stay rigidly true to our personalities denying all environments that don't fit with us. In my opinion neither of these options lend themselves to a particularly fulfilling life. How do we learn more about ourselves, what's important to us, what makes us laugh, cry and want to bounce around if we're hiding under a bushel or pretending to be someone we're not?"

The full post and many more can be found on www.imagineit.org.uk blogs.

Happy reading!!


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