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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Baby Steps

So we are back home and its been a week of both mental and physical hardship. I'm tired, bruised and have that horrible skanky unhealthy feeling that four days in an airconditioned florescent lit building gives you. At least I was spared the hospital food this time.

I will recount some of the details more fully next time bit for now I need some time to recover, take some baby steps back to well being all round and these will be as follows....

1, A bath - with bubbles, a face pack and lots of cocoa butter
2, Lots of water
3, An attempt at a decent healthy meal (my appetite being lacking)
4, Plenty of sleep

.... from there I'll let you know.


ps We made it into Cosmo today... very weird to see yourself in a big name mag like that!


  1. Xx well done dear. One day at a time xx


  2. Hello
    I read your letter/article in Cosmo. You really are an inspirational individual. Having lost 2 members of our family to this awful diease. Your positive can do attitude is refreshing. I'm the same age as you and can't even begin to understand what you and your family are going through.
    Good luck and best wishes


  3. Hey Victoria, after reading your article in cosmo today, I had to write to let you know how inspiring you are, wish you all the luck Toni x

  4. Just read your article in Cosmo..almost moved to tears! Very beautiful. x