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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Perfect Moment

Just because life is dark doesn't mean a ray of light can't shine through!

Knowing I've felt so down, D has decided to take me out for the day. He takes me up the coast to the beautiful unspoilt town of Burnham Market, a picturesque North Norfolk town with beautiful medieval buildings (many with newer georgian frontages .... Yes I am a archaeology geek) lain out in a typical medieval market town around what would have been a piece of common land but is now finely cut lawns.

We potter around some quant little shops, bought some chutney :) and D treated to me to Joules gilet. I know, I know I harp on about memories not possessions but its so snuggly warm and I've worn it everyday since so it is defiantly money well spent. In terms of clothes I do like to have nice things, I wont pretend I dont but the life I lead now does dictate the type of clothing I need and want. I have some very pretty size 4-5 4inch heels for clubbing for sale if anyone wants???? :)

Anyway the highlight to the trip was afternoon tea at The Hoste Arms. It was gorgeous, a three tiered stand of sandwiches, scones with cream and jam, not to mention an array of other goodies.

It was ever so cosy and warm in there, even the bathrooms where beautiful. I highly recommend it! I really enjoyed taking that little break from daily life of being me and exploring new. Sometimes thats what I need.... plus cake, can't go wrong with a really tasty piece of cake and a cup of tea when its cold outside!

Back to reality soon, but for now I'm just enjoying this scone with a huge dollop of jam and cream......... mmmm

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  1. Most important to keep having those special treats from time to time. They provide lovely memories and are so enjoyable! Thinking of you. Love Julie and Mick xx