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Sunday, 15 January 2012


In truth I wasn't to write this blog update; getting so behind as I was and things being so stressed out but then I realised no; the good and positive events in life need to be celebrated and recorded!! I apologise if this comes over all "Dear Diary"ish but well here it is.

I loved Christmas this year. I said in my last post that I placing a lot of emphasis on it and it wasn't nor will it ever be like it was "before"... but then who can ever say that? D and I had our own little roast here at home with crackers and tree we decorated with our travel souvenirs tied with red ribbon, then watched the old school "Santa Claus the Movie". We both really enjoyed it; our home, our first Christmas married and Toastie didn't complain about helping clean up the roast dishes either!!

We also got all festive making our own mince pies as gifts and a personalised christmas cake...
Pasty style mince pie

Toastie prints :)

Actual Christmas was divided between our families in different counties which was busy but so lovely to see everyone, especially open the gifts we got them which is always my favourite part; that and the little and very disorganised carol service in the church where we married. It was a tradition I missed out on last year due to last minute social phobia so I was very happy to go this year and sung loudly to all the carols - because why not? My brother and I even tried the descant to "O Come all ye Faithful" but ... well lets just say we tried. After we have mulled wine and a mince pies then off down to the local!

Christmas day we had a little lie-in with our stocking presents and Toastie helping unwrap his own...

but it was interrupted as the Santa at my Mum's work called in sick! So D stepped into the breach with all his Super D vigor to hand out presents and I went along as a helper with tinsel in my hair. Made for a very pleasant and suitably christian offering for such a day :). There are so many moments throughout this day that made it unique and special; like all the boys dressing in white shirts and ties for dinner, my brother passing out in the comfy chair afterwards, Toastie asleep amongst the array of presents and wrapping paper and having crackers with clockwork sprouts to race across the table. It's all about the moments!

Later in the week we enjoyed a larger family gathering and watched the Norwich v Spurs match of which the later the family are strong supporters so it was great to feel the atmosphere as people rallied round. The only odd moment to the evening a complete stranger (to me) mentioned to a member of D's family that I had a spirit guide standing and watching over me. Now this woman knew nothing of me, my history or condition as far as I know and only saw me in passing but managed to pick me out of a gathering of people and mention details such as missing how long my hair used to be and that the 'spirit' she saw was of a description to which I can immediately recognise my late Grandma Kay. Now maybe this was down to body language and the fact I've been told many times how much I resemble my grandmother but it still shocked and freaked me a bit. I'm not sure what to believe really but in moments of fear it sort of comforts if it were true?

Anyway that aside we had a lovely quiet New Year's BBQ with D's cousins and watched the Big Ben fireworks on TV, followed by a day at the races on New Years Day where we won four out of five bets - not a bad start to the year really :)!!

Apart from fatigue my illness didn't much effect the celebrations and despite the what might seem to be a quiet festive season it was a time of love and family togetherness I really treasure. I really hope yours was what you wanted it to be too! So on with 2012! I know it has already started but two weeks in and there's a good deal more to tell already; some good, some not so... til next time folks.

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