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Monday, 19 December 2011


I wake very early and take both Toast and my mum’s dog Lolly out down the track in the fields behind the house. It’s just light, cold and crisp. The dogs run and play as they have many times before but today is not like any day before or after; the essence is nothing other than beautifully peaceful. Today I am marrying the love of my life.

Me: the five year old kid in dungarees halfway up a tree. Me; the twelve year old girl who wears boots to kick the annoying boys in the playground. Me; the awkward teenager with black hair and an eating disorder and the girl whose most significant bond by her early twenties has been with a traumatised yellow Labrador dog. This is is the girl who, through happy serendipity, has found her soul mate and is going to walk down the aisle. Who’d have thought? Life certainly has its intricate ways of changing things and sometimes we can’t see why things happen to us, but I would like to embrace the belief that all the pain and heartache I had to endure in the last year has led me here to this quiet beautiful moment; utterly priceless in its serenity.

Returning home chaos ensues: there is Louise the hairdresser, Jo, the amazing makeup artist, and then being dressed by my stunning bridesmaids into the beautiful corseted gown made by Linda just for me. The next five hours fly by and as final touches are being made people start to flood the house, cameras snap like paparazzi. All I can think about is getting to the church and at points feel frustration that my earlier serenity has seemingly vanished. Then, at the last minute I am told how I am to get to the church, I hadn’t thought about this part much as its not far and surely the leaving is the more visible and important part? But out in the drive I am in the presence of two stunningly fine black Friesian horses pulling an open carriage and magically I can’t help but find myself in a Jane Austen novel! The picture shows more than I could ever describe.

I enter the church through the beautiful arch of yellow and white blossom against ancient stone, my arm in my fathers; his pride and emotion palpable just by simple touch and I feel a rise of pure joy. The organ starts and I am only vaguely aware of all the shining faces turned towards me as there at the end of the nave is D. That constant connection is caught aflame and all from now is basked in the glow of the joy of that moment we see each other: perfection. Today I am not a medical file, I am not a NHS number or in the shadow of a disease. I feel like my light is no longer hidden behind a bushel and it is shining true.

We make our vows, sing “Amazing Grace” (a hymn that never fails to sooth my soul) and before I know it we are leaving the church in a shower of confetti.

I unashamedly admit we are in a bubble of happiness and tears stream down my face as, in a blur, we greet and thank each person that passes. Each and every one of you made this day exactly what it was. The reception passes far too quickly; the toasts so touching, especially my Maid of Honour concluding with “Hope” by Emily Dickenson. The cake specially made by a pure-souled friend and the moment when the whole hall is flooded with voices singing “Stand by me” exactly encompassing what we feel.

So many incredible people were involved in putting this together I could write an entire novel on the day but we were incredibly fortunate to meet a photographer; James, who not only embraces the Imagine it philosophy to the full but has captured the day to perfection. His photos go live now and you can find them through Imagine it or his webpage to see for yourself what I fall short to capture with these words. We can’t express enough humble gratitude to you all! 
With special love to my mum (and her army), family and friends (both old and new) and the kindness of strangers who prove humanity has a beauty to eclipse any shadow.



  1. Such a beautiful description Vicky. Xx

  2. Beautiful. Everything about it, both of you.