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Sunday, 6 November 2011

One life: LIVE IT!

Read back you’ll realise my life is going to be cut a hell of a lot shorter than planned. On the other hand Christopher Wallace aka Notorious BIG died at the age of 24 and I’ve had 4 years on him. The reason I mention him is I just watched the film of his life and in many ways it sums up a lot of things.

Life is not easy. It will throw you a curve ball, perhaps repeatedly, and no one but no one can predict how things will turn out. You will make mistakes but you can correct them even if you have to start from scratch again… and again. Importantly; never make assumptions.

D and I met a few years back but only really got to talking last December; our conversations quickly turned to aspirations and we connected in the feeling that life should be about moments: experiences over possessions. This is when we started talking about Mexico. In the ideal world we would have gone in 2015 when I received an all clear…. But “what ifs” and ideals are a waste of precious energy.

So our reaction to not being able to travel in 2015? Simple: to go now!

Even that proves to be less than simple. Health insurance?? Don’t even get me started or they’ll be cursing and tears, but moving swiftly on…safe to say I went without. We booked on a Tuesday and left Saturday morning. To tell you everything that happened would take so long you’d be needing a afternoon nap like me; there is just so much to cover from Mexico real; scamming taxi drivers, ancient ruins, and hurricanes to the tourist attracting beaches, pina coladas and dolphins… oh yes I said it DOLPHINS  (they get they’re own chapter!!) So I’m going to try and put it into short sweet moments that convey perfect seconds in time.

Sunrise off the Yucatan Peninsula 

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