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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Some truly amazing experiences

Know this is going to cover quite so weeks; writing this blog has got so far behind that I worry it is impossible to do justice to everything that has passed recently although I will do my best.

Since leaving hospital and having to make some really big decisions there have many people striving to make sure that whatever the medical turnout that my bucket list still gets achieved. Some have made very generous financial contributions and others taken it upon themselves to gift me with the experience itself. Above all I have have felt unbelievably privileged, loved and I have to say guiltily undeserving!!!

Where to start?

Oh yes my husband gave me half my birthday present early in the form of matching tattoos, just in case chemo ruled them out! They are on our hand and are the small dandelion clocks that represent our Imagine It venture. So tick another off the list!

We went full out and dressed up in the whole gear for a fancy dress party as Star Wars characters, I went as Leia in a long white dress, knee high boots and of course the pretzel style wig!! We danced and I faced up to the camera and yes there is another resounding tick on the canvas.

In other news I had a free lesson on a silver medal winning classical equation horse which is the equine equivalent of driving a highly tuned sports car and was able to perform all sorts of movements I would only dream of on my own steeds, with the invitation to go back anytime!

My husband and I spend a couple of days in Staffordshire with family and friends at a lovely hotel and visited monkey forest, an outdoor beauty spot where mountain monkeys wonder freely around you!!

To be continued ........ With anniversaries, birthdays, high speed crashes, near falls, plans for travel and cake (every story needs cake) xx

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