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Monday, 23 July 2012


Oh my head hurts, my joints ache and I'm so so so tired. So much has gone on in the last week but it's all been great but it means a lot of time asleep. I know I have been so very lax with the blogging of late but by the time I have done living each day it is time to collapse in a corner and sleep! Which lets face it is the way it should be!! If I had the time and energy to document everything on the internet I would have missed out on so much! Plus the screen makes my eyes hurt!! Anyway today is a designated rest day... apart from the laundry, the animals and a million and one pesky jobs which if I don't do will have to be squeezed into the next four!! However given all this I will endeavor to document the last couple of weeks and get the posts up this week for surely you would want to know why there is a hundred point bullet list stuck to the wall next to the scratch maps, how I ended up with a sore ass and Fynn with sore knees  and why I have weird sunburn patterns on my arms!! If you do it goes without saying to watch this space!


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