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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Imagine It takes on a new challenge

After the enormous success of Imagine It's Ladies' Team to raise money and run the Race for Life, the challenge was put forward to take on something bigger, something new, something to really grab attention. A contact of mine in America is striving to create a larger awareness of rare cancers including mine (Adrenal Cortical Carcinoma) and she is supporting a genome research project at the University of Michigan. As far as I am aware there are no major projects in the UK and people like me rely on second hand information and research from other countries. This is why rather than raising more money for Cancer Research UK we are looking to contribute to the American cause in the hope of new treatments and one day a cure being developed. The details of this can be found on the following  facebook link: http://www.facebook.com/notes/anna-raven/harts-desire-for-a-cure-for-acc-round-the-world-in-one-year-acc-genome-project-f/330863673655871

Imagine It is now looking to support the cause with a new challenge; a trio of half marathons! Training has already started in earnest and my husband is at the forefront. Running regularly with our collie Toast he is already running around the 10 mile mark. I would love to be able to join in but I know that by the time the races start I will have had six rounds of chemo and despite being a stubborn old duck I think 13 odd miles is beyond me at present. If I was healthy I would relish the goal, building up the strength and stamina; it is great to feel that power in your legs even when your just walking around! I have managed to partake in some runs though with the help of one of my trusty steeds - Mango. As he used to drive as a pair he is very good at keeping pace with my husband and doesn't mind Toasty careering around putting up the birds and deer!!

Taken from on board Mango!

Towards the autumn my part will lie in cheerleading, and before that, the all important fundraising and raising of awareness - beware this topic will crop again and again I assure you!! I hope you'll all help me with this; it is a cause very close to my heart... quite literally; in my lungs, liver and kidney!!!!!


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