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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Location location

As you know we have recently moved house. Our old house was a pleasant semi-detached place which we choose for easy commuting. However now that our work is to focus on Imagine It and we are not restricted by location we have chosen to be further out into rural Norfolk. Let me paint you a picture....

As white wooden gates swing open before you the gravel drive winds up hill past green fields and underneath the canopy of large trees; the leafs shift in the breeze and sunlight dapples the path. At the top of the slope is a large Georgian house in the classical style; white with a grande central doorway, large sash windows and multiple chimneys. Impeccably kept lawns stretch to the front and side of the house. This is not ours, one can wish but Imagine It is non-profit!! So follow me around the side and to the rear of the house.

A stone barn with ivy framing the doors and windows. Upon entering you step into a large living space open right up to the eves. The walls are white washed around tall windows that allow the light to flood in, pooling across the pale stone floor. Above the dark wood beams show the scars of days gone by; a little history. The second half of the building is split in two; the lower a rustic country kitchen with a dining table and french doors which open out onto our own walled garden. Large raised flower beds made from railway sleepers are just begging to be planted with herbs and vegetables while our own lawn stretches up a slope towards farming fields behind.

Back inside the house we can mount the curved wooden staircase to the bedroom. We have kept it simple; our bed and a couple of chests. Its cosy under the eves and a skylight allows you to lie in bed and watch the sky, something I find very calming. Now that we are all settled in and have Toastie back we are enjoying the heavenly peace of living in a tiny village away from the rush and noise of town. We can pick and choose our environment but always know we have a haven to return to.


  1. Always good to have a haven to return to, I love my little cottage, come home shut the door and the world goes away. Im safe with all the things I know and love around me, can recoup to go face the big wide world anew another day

  2. Sounds and looks beautiful, what a lovely place for a business to grow and for you both to rest and enjoy each others company. And toast of course! Xx