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Thursday, 28 June 2012


Lately I've noticed the skin on my hands has developed a distinct hue. In fact my feet too, so I'm thinking it must be quite serious. Officially its referred to by the experts as "green" but I'd describe it as a definiate muddy brown.

It started when we moved into the barn; theres a garden here that was very overgrown and wild around the edges. So I started with a few potted plants... then some major weeding in the big flower beds... barefoot! The next thing I know I'm perusing the local garden centre for plants and bird feeders!!

This morning I was out with my brand new watering can fussing over the strawberry plants and it struck me... I am turning into my mother! At first the thought made me chuckle but then the more I thought about it the more it dawned on me that whilst gardening is stereotypically considered a hobby of an older generation maybe that is the result of life experience!

As we go through life, we go through phases and each teaches us something about who we are and the world we live in. When we are young we rush around and don't always take in the simple pleasures around us; too busy chasing the bigger better and the more sparkly. 

Possibly I've grown prematurely old or perhaps maybe my situation has brought about the realisation that a real satisfaction can be gained from nurturing plants. They ask nothing and give anything you care to ask... fragrance, fruits, and an atmosphere of serenity. I also think that the gentle but continuos physical work required to maintain a small garden is healthy and good for ones wellbeing. It requires patience and consistency which are certainly transferable skills for life!

In a few weeks we have transformed the garden although it is very much still an on-going project!

Here is a sneaky preview...

Note we are also 'cultivating' guinea pigs (or weebles) and a overgrown collie puppy!


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  1. I've gained brown hands too! I've not gone I for the feet too much, our soil is heavy clay and it's generally rather wet. My work is also next to a massive b&q so I go and walk round the plants on my lunch break, I like to buy reduced plants and nurse them into leaf! I've got so many plants I've run out of pots now! I love gardening now, and I'm learning lots from mum-and you know how brown/green a hand she has! It's very therapeutic and relaxing I find, and good exercise too.