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Tuesday, 15 May 2012


As you know we've been without broadband for a couple off weeks thanks to the lovely BT team and so have been only able to grab the odd bit of access for Imagine It every couple of days. However we are back up and running now and so here I am.

I did consider writing some drafts but somehow without the pressure of publishing the time has just got away from me. That doesn't mean I havent done my fair share of thinking, I am always thinking and reflecting on the things that happen in my day to day life and trying to learn from them. These thoughts are usually what I blog about!!

Safe to say that as I have had this sabbatical from treatment and taken more supplements I have reaped the benefits, feeling so so much better. This has enabled me to be out and about a lot more! A particular highlight was the Imagine It picnic on Sunday and I was so pleased to see so many people there, it seems the turn out to our events is growing and growing so I simply can't wait for the Race for Life on Sunday. I hope the weather won't put people off as it is going to be so much fun especially thanks to the efforts by my wonderful husband Fynn and my cousin Kaori.

The whole event is supposed to be a be get together with no pressure to actually race, or even run and I've really tried to reassure people that they don't have to worry!! However I'm now about to admit that while I speak the truth and there is no need to worry I am a hypocrite; because I do... constantly. I have always been a worrier but slowly I am starting to realise that my worries rarely if ever come to fruition. Actually I can't remember the last time they did. I have never been to a get together even with strangers and had anyone laugh at me or reject me. Quite the opposite every time recently I have braved the world with my biggest worry of having no hair everybody has been so positive and lovely that I have returned home feeling really buzzed and wonder why I worried at all.

It is natural to worry, everybody does. Over the last week I have watched the people quite closely (sorry if you've noticed) and started to pick up on even those whose I consider to be very confident having doubts when they feel out of their comfort zone. Again no one is alone in this habit, we are all human, we all worry. The trick I suppose is not to let these worries to stop us from doing the thing we want to. I once heard the quote

"Doubts are the traitors that steal our opportunities."

This is so so true and so I strongly encourage you all to recognise your worries for what they are and then put them aside before you miss out on the truly great things this life has to offer!


  1. You are nothing short of true inspiration. Just reading your words make me want to look at the world in a whole new and exciting way. I've been struggling with depression for years and have attempted suicide more than once. After reading the letter in Cosmo and now your blogs I feel like I have the confidence to get out there and see for myself how beautiful this world can be. Thank you for saving my life. Stay Strong!