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Saturday, 28 April 2012


There is nothing particularly special or revolutionary about what I have to say about today. It's a Thursday... It's been raining all week and it's pretty gloomy today but between the intermittent showers I manage to get down to the yard for a ride. Ramba, I think is pretty pleased to see me; it's been over a week with one thing and another. Times past and with my own horses this would never have been the case, I'd be there rain or shine but it's different now as are many things. He is fully looked after but being the only one to ride him means today he will be full of beans. For some reason I decide, or should say feel I should go on the extended Badley Moor track... This is we're we both came down in the mud before. It is a somewhat interesting choice as with all the rain it will be a total quagmire at the bottom. However I like to go with my gut feeling as if it is a dare, I have to prove I can do it.

I do and without much incident, one track is so flooded I decide not to ride through but double back and ride along the edge of field to get past but we get home safely. I don't know what to make of Ramba sometimes, he can be great but he can also be a complete arse. However I think that part of my love for him is the thrill of his size and stride that even when I was well I felt like I was nothing to him and when he extended into his huge rangy driving trot I almost rattled around in the saddle. Now I cling on to the breastplate because my balance isn't what it used to be and it makes me feel a little more secure. However a lot of the thrill comes from the fact no one else will ride him, he unnerves them too much, which on one hand is a shame because he is wasted on me. But on the other I get to feel special as I tame the black beast... Even if it might be the case that I am a tolerated passenger, I have seen how he deals with people he doesn't like so in that sense I am still a VIP.


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  1. What a mighty steed he is!!! Magnificent xx