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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Ah la vie, c'est Paris! part trois

...The alarm to get up goes off all too soon. I've hardly slept at all and feel drugged and stressed with exhaustion from the day's adventures. Don't get me wrong it's completely worth it but oh to be healthy and not constantly hungover by a drug backlash! Mitotane sucks! But then even D is tired and I find some comfort in the fact that I should feel tired after all we have done. Sorry D.

Anyways time to pretty myself as now we have an evening of wonderment to enjoy!!! My new family have gifted us with a booked tour and table at the famed Moulin Rouge. So quick shower and not so quick stress over my silly furby hair that refuses, in its current state, to do what I want it to. But before I know it we are back on the metro to meet the tour. It's a bit of a rush but when we have the tickets in hand we can relax.. well sort of ... we grabbed a couple of savoury crepes on the way and open them on the coach only to be immediately told that food is not allowed. Admittedly they are a bit cheesy but the woman in charge of the tour is somewhat lacking in tact in telling us so; swallowing as much as we can in a few bites we are forced to abandon them. Not a good start when so tired and hungry!! Being so protective of me D is also especially concerned when we find out quite how late this evening is going to be (probably not over til half one), however I am still determined to enjoy this opportunity.

It is no real challenge to see why Paris is often referred to as the city of lights. The bus whips us around many districts explaining the history as far back as roman times. However the oldest thing we are shown (though we saw it earlier) is the Egyptian column in Place de la Concorde.

Fascinatingly it was a gift from Cairo and despite early Egyptians managing just fine (with several monuments may I add) the French had problems erecting the gold engraved pyramid!! We also see the Arc de Trioumphe in a new light, quite literally, as in the dark the engravings take on a whole new dimension; really coming alive! The Eiffel Tower is also all lit up and the lights are ignited in a glittering show every half hour or so. The second part of the tour is by boat and we steam along The Seine drinking machine coffee and eating peanut m&ms (the recommended diet of course!!!). I am very much reminded of the beautiful canal boat tour we took of Amsterdam earlier in  the year when D gave me his heart both figuratively and literally in the form of a Pandora charm I now wear constantly. I wander to myself if I should have prepared something for him to say thank you in return??

After the boat section the bus takes us to the part that everyone is waiting for with baited breath: the notorious Moulin Rouge!! Opened in 1889 the infamous theatre topped with red windmill quickly became known for its reputation of dancing girls whose moves where as flexible as their morals! Not quite the brothel today it is still an amazing, breathtaking show of performers. We are seated in the dark red room around tables and plied with beautiful tasting champagne as the lights dim and the the stage erupts in a rainbow of colour, sequins and feathers. Along with the topless cancan girls there are several circus style acts which each have us exchanging awed glaces and clapping like manics! These include a world record juggler who handles eight batons at such speed they are little more than a blur, a woman swimming in a glass tank through the entangled bodies of two pythons and a pair of contortionists whose core strength I couldn't have hoped to emulate even before my op! Especially when the male partner balances his female counterpart above his head, hand to hand, and stands up on a chair before slowly with the most amazing control bends right over it's back until his head is an inch from the floor. She holds herself in perfect handstand as he half raises, lowers and then fully stands once more! Perfect and enviable control!! How people get into this profession I can't even guess but they have talent that is for sure. Forget your preconceptions I can only say never judge what you have never seen and this is a wonder!

It is the complete antithesis of our earlier experience at Notre Dame but I am still filled with an intense love for the world around me! This time it is a thrilled and energised joy that keeps me buzzed through the fatigue; if you ever get the chance - go! "Sight to behold" doesn't cover it. In fact that last statement can be used for our whole trip to Paris and even though I have used three blog entries to try and convey the highlights of our trip there is so, so much more!

Thank you D. I love you!

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