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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Home at Last

We’ve stayed at my rents far longer than intended because I couldn’t face the car journey so we are both eager to get home! There is a lot to sort out here too; worse n some ways as we only moved here in August and we haven’t sorted everything out properly yet! Still our own space and our own bed! “There’s no place like home!” as Dorothy says!

It can be difficult coming down to earth, not least as there are so many benefit type things to sort out, like DLA. I am entitled to a fair amount for my condition but by hell do you have to fight for it! D does all the phone calls as I can’t stand to explain over and over again my situation; how he does I don’t know.

The highlight of this period however is that we are determined not to change the ethos of embracing each and every minute, so aware of Halloween we decide to have a little get together. My own little touch is using one of the horses to go pumpkin shopping… I don’t want to get them from a supermarket where they are all shiny and even looking; I want home grown wonky ones! So off I go on Ramba thro the woods in search of local stalls with a rucksack. Feels real, traditional and authentic; even though the search itself turns out fruitless (quite literally I suppose) and we have to go to the garden centre!

Taken one handed with a BB, bit risky!!
I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the designing and carving of the pumpkins and D makes an awesome pumpkin pie!

Bob the pumpkin
Curling up for movie time.

We have an overload of food that evening and settle down with friends to watch a couple of films! The one that really stuck out though was a thriller based on true events of exorcism. Whilst the others were freaked out by the weirdness of possession I actually found myself more absorbed by the concept of death and questioning the existence of heaven and hell. I’ve never been sure of my beliefs but what if I’ve got it major-ly wrong? This is an insight to life I wasn’t expecting and was certainly an unwelcome downer on the evening! I suppose its one of those things you don’t think about too much in modern society; we are far too engrossed with the wants of today to think about theology. Society seems to me to be all about what is new and shiny; what other people think, what car we own, how many shoes we have.  Although maybe we are programmed not to think particularly deeply, in a way, it would be counterproductive to living in the moment. 

To sum up, I love that we are attempting and for the most part succeeding in never missing an opportunity to celebrate life; not thinking "well next time we will". That is a good philosophy I think, as for the rest of life’s ‘big questions’ they are worth a ponder but not an obsession!

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