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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Time and choices

"All of our lives are terminal Vicky and it has been that way since we first breathed air, so, I don't know why they use that word. " Wise words sent to me recently.

I have been feeling rather low this morning which is purely because I am without company, particularly D's - I would never have thought it possible to love someone so completely. There is no other immediate reason for my low mood; I had an amazing day yesterday that started with an early morning carriage drive ....

Much, much more on horses later!
..... followed by a shopping trip that really puts my philosophy of 'experiences rather than possessions' to shame!!!

However my point is that what has been frustrating me most of late is the loss of possibility of a return of normality and therefore my energy. As I will tell anyone who allows me to bore them I was a very active person before cancer; running, riding.... to sum up when asked "Did you see such and such on TV??" my answer was always "No I was doing... " Chronic levels of fatigue now enforce rest upon me and severely restrict the amount I can do in a day. 

However my epiphany of this beautiful if slightly quiet Sunday morning is: Time is precious. Perhaps overly obvious but allow me to elaborate. You have a choice; it might not be how much time you have but it is what you do with that time. As my original quote demonstrates although none of us live forever but conveniently choose to ignore the fact. Recently the group Imagine it (search fb for /canuimagineit ) posted a discussion asking if you found out the world would end in a years time, only you know and you can't tell anyone; what would you do? Only one person responded, perfectly demonstrating that until confronted with it your mortality you will not truly value the time you have.

So my question continues what should be done with the time: that is your choice? My choice is to experience the most that earth has to offer!!!! ( Watch this space there is soooo much more to come!!! )
What is your choice?????? vxxx

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  1. With any time I had left I would cherish each moment with family and friends and aim to enforce a life long memory for them of me in a way they could always look upon whenever they need a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day! You have done a fantastic job of that already and I'm sure you will continue to do so!! From someone you have reached out to, to a phenomenal shining star! x