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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

A little escapism...

With all the intensity of the last few weeks D and I really felt the need to escape.... a chance offer on a Centre Parcs deals virtually fell in our laps and we in true "Imagine It" style took it _ very us!!!

A week in a woodland lodge where we could just feel forget. Other than fatigue from medication I don't actually look or feel ill so it was great to be somewhere where I or rather we could just be.

We had an awesome time; swimming in the pool where I got to show off my lovely scars from last year (I have no qualms about them, I'm proud even!) We also played badminton...

.... It was a bit tiring but lots of fun; I'm gradually stopping worrying about what other people think... my life is about me, not strangers!! Another day we rented a pedalo and chased the ducks round the lake....

Wednesday evening we had a lovely dinner out at their Indian restaurant and I had a cheeky glass of wine (even though I'm not supposed to). We got all dressed up and it felt amazing to be out on a date... like I said in the intro, to be normal! The next day we adopted a duvet on the sofa position with a DVD..

I have to admit the one 'downer' of the day was that I confirmed with my Dr that I would postpone treatment and the decision left me very panicky that I had done the right thing, although with ACC, THERE IS NO RIGHT THING! sigh. Sometimes when I get overwhelmed it really takes the toll on us both; so I'm not going to sit here and pretend like we are perfect. D and I do struggle with coming to terms with the situation and I hate to see the toll it is already, even now, taking on those I love most!

Later that night we were visited by D's lovely cousin and I got to meet James, his partner. We had a meal out together and generally spoiled ourselves. :)

It was all in all a fantastic week and I really enjoyed the break but also loved coming home to Toastie (who, by the way has grown HUGE!!!! in just a few days... my baby Isn't so much a baby any more!!)

Anyways, its getting late and whilst I feel like I haven't included half of what happened there is so much more to tell you! Coming up I have to cover our amazing engagement party much much more... but in true 'us' style I have to get packed for Mexico!! Yes you read right! Me-hi-co, here we come!!!

Live Love Laugh everyone... I'll be back soon!


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