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Sunday, 18 September 2011

16/09/11 The PET

Back to the hospital again today. I don't want to; I feel I already know all I want to know and I can't eat. but if it helps the Doctors then so be it.

D and I are up early and walk our dog Toast round the fields at the back of our house. I've been up since five and am dressed like some kind of hobo in pj trousers and a RAF shirt. I get some weird looks from the people we pass and it makes me angry! So many people in our society judge on appearances when they really know nothing about the person in question; and I admit I'm one of the guilty ones or at least have been... I'm definitely working on it!

Later D leaves me at the PET scan reception and when I've gone in goes to "run some errands". PET scans involve being injected with a radioactive substance that permeates round your body and highlight abnormal cells in the CT scanner. First I change into a glamorous hospital gown that is so big it virtually drowns me and sit in my bay. I have to be isolated as I will be temporarily radioactive! A nurse inserts a cannula into my arm....

.... into this she injects a yellowy liquid from a metal box. It would be be cool if it glowed and gave me some sort of superhero power but sadly no.... it just looks a pale yellowy liquid. Then I'm left to entertain myself for an hour and a half. I read a bit, and play around with the camera before finally falling asleep. Unfortunately fatigue is an increasingly common companion these days!

Just before I'm left to my own devices... dangerous idea if you ask me!
After I am considered to be suitably radioactive I am taken to the scan room. The scan takes about half an hour, I pretty much just lie there and breath in and out as instructed. Mostly I close my eyes and daydream about being somewhere else... anywhere else.... as the machine whirrs and clunks around me and the board I am lying on jerks me back and forth. After about 25 mins the radiographer speaks through the intercom and tells me that D is back and she has been instructed to tell me 'he loves me'.... "I've never had to say that through the intercom before" she says which makes me chuckle! We wouldn't want to be like everyone else now would we??

The PET/CT machine
After the scan I get dressed and meet D in the reception area. He has a gift waiting.... a small black box. We've actually been engaged for two weeks but it wasn't until yesterday that D got to speak to my dad - he wanted to do this properly! Originally when he asked me it was very "us" and spur of the moment... we had been talking about commitment and the fact that a wooden ring he had bought on the trip to Amsterdam (my birthday gift to him) had broken. I remembered I had a wooden ring and fetched from my jewelry box and gave it to him. He put it on his wedding ring finger. Of course I was then thinking overtime! .... so a little later, in the kitchen I just had to ask... was it real or symbolic? He responded by asking what I wanted it to mean; "Ask me," I said. He then got down on one knee and ...

" Would you make me the luckiest and happiest guy in the world and be my wife?" 

Of course I said yes and here we are two weeks later... little black box. The ring he ordered is white gold with diamonds and sapphires set into it. Diamonds so I am told stand for eternal love and the sapphires for protection.

That night I manage to forget for a bit and enjoy the company of my official fiance as we compete over the number of Facebook 'likes' and comments on our changed relationship status now that the engagement is official. In the manner of those old BT ads "Its good to laugh!"

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  1. I'd have 'liked' yours first out of old school loyalty but darrens was the only one to appear in my feed! ;)
    Very happy for you both :) xx